Saturday, 26 April 2014

My Man Magik did his magic on my Virago, and now it runs like a top. I took a quick run to Alice Lake and went fishing - the scoot really feels nice to ride. Oh, and I got a new seat for it: a Mustang with studs to match the bags. It was very comfortable for the 2-hr ride - hope it's as nice when I'm riding all day.

I'm starting to think about what to do and places to go on my trip across. I'll be visiting relatives and friends along the way, planning on doing some fishing in the lakes in Northern Ontario (already have my license!), maybe get a lap-dance in Montreal ( ;) ). Any suggestions of "must-see" stops along the way?

Next, I'm going to do a "dry run" up to an interior lake to see if all the camping gear fits properly.

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  1. Lap dance?? hmmmm... the wife might have something to say eh?
    - the wife :)