Saturday, 17 May 2014

I have most of the stuff I need for the trip, so I decided to see if it all fits on the scoot. It does! I still need a small pot to go with my nice new frypan, but basically we're Good To Go.

I decided to bite the bullet and get a fancy backpacking stove. I chose an MSR "Whisperlite": it packs up really small, is a good base for whatever pot I put on top, and was not that expensive.

I also ended up with the "Mondo King" mattress. It backs up a bit large, but it's REALLY comfy and looks like it will last a long time.

So now I'm pretty much ready to go. It doesn't look like I'll have time for the "dry run", but I've put 400 km or so on her since the tuneup and I'm confident she's ready to hit the road. And now that I've found that all the stuff I need will fit, I'm ready to go. I'm off the first sunny day after June 24th (Cher's concert). I do need to be pretty much ready by June 1st though, since I'll be sailing from then to the concert.

My first "stop" will be Calgary, where I'll visit my out...errr... inlaws. Should take 2 days. Next, a 2-3 day trip to Fort Qu'Appelle Sask to visit a friend I went to school with (and haven't seen since). Hope to get a bit of fishing in while I'm there. Then, off to Winnipeg, Thunder Bay, camping and fishing in Northern Ontario, Toronto, Montreal, Bathurst, Halifax, and finally St John's.

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