Tuesday, 27 May 2014

I'm really champing at the bit now. I'll be sailing most of June, although part of me wants to jump on the scoot and head East the day I start my vacation (This Saturday!).

I did some final work on the scoot last weekend, installing the GPS and putting in a 12 VDC outlet in one of the saddlebags. The only thing left to do now is pack up and go.

A few more thoughts on places to go, things to do:
I'm a bit lost on what to do in Winnipeg, but I see there's a nice Amusement Park with go-carts. We built go-carts as kids and I rode on several of them, but I've never done it on a track - should be fun! And maybe miniature golf, etc.

I was listening to Arrogant Worms (Canada's Really Big) and I remembered "Terry's Taxidermy and Mounted Animal Nature Trail" on Manitoulin Island in Ontario - I HAVE to check that out!

And it looks like New Brunswick has some nice camping on the North Shore (Bathurst) so I'll try camping there a few days.

Any other suggestions on where to go, what to see?

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