Saturday, 28 June 2014

Fri 27 June 2014
To go, or not to go.... The sun was shining when I got up, and the forecast was for rain and thunderstorms. Should I stay here another day as planned, or head out? The itch in me to GO was strong, and won out over another day with the in-laws.

In keeping with the Quest of seeing Canada, I went to Drumheller to look at dinosaur bones. On the way I saw my first oil pump:

I find it ironic that these things that pump out petroleum are powered by electricity ;)

On to Drumheller, where I went to the Royal Tyrrell Museum (I don't know why it's "Royal" except that it has a picture of the Queen in the foyer). It was indeed impressive, but I found the geology around Drumheller much more impressive. You're riding along through rolling hills and all of a sudden: "6% Hill" and you're winding down through massive bluffs of striated rock. VERY easy to imagine dinosaurs roaming there!

Then, on to Medicine Hat. It was very windy, and a very nasty-looking thunderstorm was lurking to the Southwest. But on the way I sat this:

There were about 30 or 40 of them - probably putting out about 10 MW. And they were HUGE! I've never seen one up-close before, and they were impressive.

On to Medicine Hat, the Gas City (I had an extra Zantec, just to be sure). Here I found the ONLY solar-energy plant in Canada:
It didn't look like it was running yet, but it was supposed to concentrate the sun's rays into pipes carrying water, which would turn into steam and run a steam turbine. Again, impressive!

Got a nice campsite at the Municipal Campground except for the fan for the washrooms that ran all night, and the partying girls in the next site. Tomorrow...? Maybe Fort Qu'Appell and the school friend I haven't seen since high school.

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