Monday, 23 June 2014

It's getting really close now - just 2 days to go! I've been looking at the weather and there appears to be a small window of non-rain on Wed and Thursday, so I'm going to go for it. I suspect I will get rained on while going through the mountains of BC, but the forecast does not predict sunny weather for at least a week.

 Speaking of riding in the rain: I did a test ride up to Tunkwa Lake - about a 300 km ride. It was sunny here in Vancouver, so I didn't even bother to check the weather in Merrit, or set myself up for riding in the rain. Unfortunately, the hot weather evaporated the water, which made clouds, which lowered the temp, which cause the clouds to rain down on poor unprepared bike riders.

The first rain came on the Coquihalla. It was just a shower, so first I stopped to see if it would go away. It didn't. So I got back on and rode slowly, the rain hitting my face like tiny needles (fortunately I wasn't skydiving, where you hit the pointed end of the raindrops). It was back to sunny and hot at Merritt, so I went the "scenic route" up to Logan Lake. Unfortunately "scenic route" included mountains, which attract rain clouds like ugly on a coon-dog. HEAVY rain. I stopped and took shelter under a tree, but even there it was cold and wet and the rain showed no signs of letting up. So, more slow riding, I'm stinging in the rain...

When I finally got to Tunkwa Lake, I was cold and wet, but had arrived. I set up camp - the tent easy to put up, the mattress wet but only needed a few puffs of air to inflate properly. Not content with how wet I already was, I went fishing.

Tunkwa is a very frustrating lake. HUGE rainbow trout break the surface everywhere, sometimes almost landing in your boat, but do you think they show any interest in your fly? No. Back to the tent at sunset, climb into the sleeping bag for a surprisingly comfortable sleep.

Next morning I found the new stove worked great for boiling water for coffee, and the coffee was STRONG and hot. I tried to trick the fish again, but again they were too smart for me. So I broke camp, packed everything back on the scoot and headed Southwest. The scenic highway was again looking threatening, so I ran East over to Hy 5. It was about 30 km longer, but I managed to completely miss the rain this time. Fast run back to Delta, with a commitment to install the face-shield on the helmet as soon as I got home.

 It's on my List Of Things To Do...

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