Sunday, 29 June 2014

Sat 28 June 2014

I met a nice fellow biker in the next campsite to me. He was from P.E.I and had been on the road all June, on his big BMW. He was on his way West to Canmore for another BMW convention - I wished him safe (and DRY!) journey.

I woke early so had a quick  coffee and was on my way. 546 km to Fort Qu'Appell - piece of cake!

Once on the road, the trusty West wind started blowing me down the highway but there were an increasing number of nasty-looking cloud formations lingering around. The land is still rolling here - not the true FLAT of the Prairies. And certainly not boring!

I crossed into Saskatchewan with a quick fist-pump: Province number three! I stopped at a small roadside place called Maple Creek for gas. It was a quaint little place: unlike BC, you didn't have to pre-pay for gas - just fuel up and go inside to pay. They sold fireworks there as well - kind of a strange place to sell fireworks - out in the middle of nowhere. But they also had a diner, and I had a nice "traditional" breakfast of eggs, sausage, potatoes and toast. Then back on the road.

This DEFINITELY did not look good:
More and more thunderstorms were showing up all around me. This one moved to the left JUST enough for me to get by dry. I raced others that were looking like they were coming across my path. Definitely NOT the sunny, hot ride I was expecting in the prairies.

I did stop to smell the rape...err... canola flowers:
I did NOT stop to smell the dead moose I saw at the side of the road.

Lunch at Moose Jaw, and of course the obligatory pic of the giant moose:
Back on the road, I was dodging more thunderstorms, ready to stop at any time to get the rain-pants on at the first sign of rain.

Finally, about 20 km from Fort Qu'Appelle my luck ran out and it started to rain. On went the Plastic Party-Pants, and I rode the last 20 km into town, then to my friend's place.

Then the heavens opened.

I was SO glad to be warm and dry as I looked out the window at what was much more Vancouver weather than Saskatchewan.

I don't think I'm going anywhere tomorrow.

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