Friday, 27 June 2014

Thurs 26 June 2014

After a fairly decent sleep despite the traffic and the trains, I broke camp, loaded up the scoot and headed out to Revelstoke for breakfast. I decided it was time for the (lined) leather pants since the higher altitudes were getting a bit nippy and the sun was starting to play hide-and-seek.

This is a photo for the guy in Colorado who, after I told him where I had gone last trip, he said "sure must be nice to be back in the mountains again, eh?"

THESE are "mountains":

This was at Rogers Pass summit: 1426 meters (highest I've been on a bike). But the rare air was just beginning. In Kicking-horse Pass I went over the Great Divide at 1646 meters (That's just over a mile for my American readers).

Then the mountains fell away and suddenly I was in the foothills of Alberta - rolling hills instead of jutting rocks. And before too long I was in downtown Calgary, fighting the traffic to get to my in-laws.

I spent the afternoon visiting with my various in-laws, and my sister-in-law gratiously allowed me to sleep in her guest room for the mere charge of helping her move her couch. What a DEAL!

I'm not sure what I'm going to do tomorrow - I'm planning on spending time in Calgary, but the weather says Sat and Sun are going to be crappy, so I may end up in Calgary for at least the weekend.

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