Thursday, 26 June 2014

Wed, 25 June 2014
Today's the day! I got most of the scoot packed last night, got "the list" pretty well completed, the weather forecast looks slightly better than it did yesterday, so it's a go.

I finished packing, charged up the cellphone, netbook and Kindle, hugged my Lady goodbye, and went to the carport to get my jacket and gloves. I had left them sitting on the electric bike. The one that some asshole stole (and don't get me STARTED on how useless house insurance is!). Seems he didn't bother to take off the jacket and gloves before making off with the e-bike.

So, the nice, old-school biker jacket and gauntlet-style gloves that I've been wearing for 25 years are gone. And it's 9:30 am and I'm itching to get on the road. I could get a nice replacement online for under $200, but I need it NOW. So, off to Pacific Motorsports to buy a new jacket.

Of course, there was some kind of accident on Hy 91 and it took me over half an hr to get TO the store.

Once there, a nice Italian gentleman showed me that obviously they DON'T sell jackets to outlaw bikers with beer-guts: I'm not a BIG guy but even the XXL was a bit tight. And HEAVY! They all now have gobs of protection panels that make you feel like you're wearing medieval armour instead of a jacket. I did find one that looked and felt pretty good, and I hope it lasts 25 years because it cost over $600 (My Lady had promised me a leather jacket for my birthday and she's VERY happy about the panels, so she said she'd pay for it. Yay!).

Back home, take a few pics of me on the start of my Oddessy, one more goodbye to my Lady, and I'm off at around 11:00am, hoping to make at least Kamloops.

I'd almost forgotten how NICE it felt on the scoot. The jacket did feel like armour, but very comfortable. It wasn't too hot in the sunny weather, and when it got a bit chilly over the passes, I was glad to have it.

Riding felt good, so I just kept going. Brunch at Chilliwack, fill up at Merrit, wave at Kamloops, Sorrento... nope, not ready to stop yet. I had dinner at Sicamous and found a charming little campsite just off the hy a few miles East. Then a quick trip back to Sicamous to get some bug-juice cuz they were EVERYWHERE. Finally a bit of reading and off to bed in my comfy tent.

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