Saturday, 12 July 2014

 Wed, 09 July 2014 - On to Ottawa

The weather definitely did NOT sound like scooting weather, so I took the subway into downtown Toronto and had a look around. The TO subway is a bit like Vancouver's Skytrian - it gets to TO downtown, but it's not very convenient for getting around once you're there. And there's a strange way of transfers: you exit the bus in a "fair paid" zone and wander to the subway. I never found a way to transfer from one bus to another.

Also, apparently nobody (including Toronto Transit) knows there is a WEST Dundas and an EAST Dundas. I ended up taking a taxi to the subway at one point. But that in itself was worthwhile - the ride was all of 10 mins but I got the taxi-driver's life story in that time (as well as What's Wrong With Toronto These Days).

Sitting in the subway and busses, I started thinking about "multiculturalism" in terms of Vancouver vs Toronto. In Vancouver, white folks are often a minority, with the majority being either Oriental or East Indian, depending on where you are. In Toronto, whites seem to definitely be the majority, but there are so many MORE minorities. Vancouver has virtually no blacks, but in Toronto they make a significant portion of the population. There's also Latin, Mexican, and some East Indian and Oriental. I even saw a Muslim.

So although there seems to be a greater portion of whites in Toronto, the minorities are FAR more diverse. Interesting town...

Next day dawned sunny and warm, so time to get back on the road. I wasn't looking forward to hy 401 East of Toronto, concerned that it would be packed with cars going 120+ km/h. But it turned out to be quite nice. There are even "OnRoute" stops that are sort of a combination of a truck-stop and rest area, with gas (in Ontario, Canadian Tire has gas!), restaurants, washrooms...

On to my friend's house in Manotick, just south of Ottawa.

Again I was greeted as a long-lost friend, even though we barely knew each other when we was in BC. He and his English wife made me feel at home, fed me, and promised a tour of Manotick and maybe some fishing the next day.

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