Monday, 7 July 2014

Monday, 07 July 2014 - wrenching the scoot

I found a nice motel with bed, shower, TV and WiFi (which is all I need). Turned out it's called the Grand Motel, which reminds me of Deep Purple's Smoke on the Water: "we ended up at the Grand Hotel-eee - it was empty cold and bare". But the folks there were very friendly - one lady said her ex-boyfriend would have LOVED my bike.

I unloaded the bike and went to the nearest Canadian Tire to change the oil. Lined up to ask if they accepted used, oil, lined up to pay for the oil, a tray to run the old oil into, and some cleaning stuff to spruce up the old girl since she's starting to look like she's been on the road for 5000 kms.

Then wrenched my back trying to get the scoot up on the main stand (How DO you do it? I've never been able to without help), then found I needed a 17mm box-end spanner to get the drain plug undone. Lined up to get a guy to open the display where they kept the wrenches, lined up to pay for it, then found it's too small! I go back inside, line up to get a 18 mm spanner, line up to exchange it. Then go out and find IT's too small - I need 19 mm.

Did I mention it's HOT and MUGGY? I'm sweating, my back hurts, and I'm REALLY tired of lining up. I go through the routine again and lo and behold the 19mm one does it!

Once I have the proper tools, it's easy to drain the oil into the pan, put the drain plug back in, and fill her with nice new synthetic high-performance motorbike oil (at $18/qt). And yes, the CanTy guy took the oil and the pan, and I rode in triumph (on a Yamaha) back to the Grand Motel to nurse my sore back.

The prettying up will have to wait til tomorrow, where even more thunderstorms are predicted.

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