Saturday, 12 July 2014

Sat, 12 July 2014 - Getting the hell back to Canada!

Sherbrooke is nice, and the campsite was OK (a bit expensive, no working WiFi, but still...), but Quebec felt like a foreign country and I felt like a foreigner there, so time to head to New Brunswick.

One thing I will say for Quebec (at least south of the St Lawrence), it is gorgeous country! Sherbrooke was almost kinda mountainous, and here's some prairie, some mountains and a river:

The miles rolled on, I went from flat plains near the St Lawrence to hills to almost mountains (elevation 440 meters) as I made my way East. Finally: New Brunswick!

Note that the sign is in French AND English - I can understand signs again - I'm back in Canada!

My destination was a small campsite just East of Edmundston, NB called (appropriately enough) Riverside RV. Unfortunately Herr Garmin had never heard of it, But the nice people in a motel I stopped at did know and gave me directions.

Riverside RV is a great little campsite, inexpensive, free (working) WiFi, very friendly and English-speaking custodian, and a nice river right next to it (Called the Iroquois ('ere a quois, there a quois, everywhere a quois-quois...). I stayed an extra night so I could relax, do some WiFi-ing, some fishing, try some of the recommended restaurants.

Of course, Herr Garmin was acting up again. I was trying to get to the nice pizza place the custodian recommended, and they said they were close to Tim Hortons. I punched in "nearest Tim Hortons" and I was THIS close to crossing the border into the US when I realized where it was directing me. NEVER blindly trust your GPS!

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