Sunday, 20 July 2014

Status Report - how's it goin', b'y?
 So... how is the trip so far? Am I achieving what I set out to do? How's the bike holding up? Is there anything I should have brought, should  have not brought?

Well, the bike is holding up great. She's 30 years old, but running like a top. The only problem is the starter is starting to act up again - it sometimes takes 2 or 3 tries to get it to engage. And of course one front fork is leaking oil, but it seems to be leaking less now than in Ontario.

As for gear, the camping stuff is working out great as well. The tent is large, non-claustrophobic and easy to set up. e stove is working perfectly - the large-ish frypan seems very stable. I checked the fuel and there's still enough for a few more days. And the big mattress,  little pillow and down bag make a very comfortable and warm bed.

I guess the only thing different I should have brought is a short-sleeved shirt or two instead of all T-shirts. And I find the leather pants are not getting much wear either - it's easier to just pull on the Plastic Party-pants over the jeans.

As for my Quest... I'm finding my aversion to people is getting in the way of meeting local folks - in general, I'd prefer to be by myself and I have to force myself to engage someone in conversation. I mainly interact with public-service people: waiters, gas station attendants, Info Center People, and the occasional other biker I meet at the gas stations.

But even without meeting a lot of people, I am finding out a lot about the country I was born and grew up in, especially the one province I've never visited. While I haven't heard the legendary Newfie Accent, I have seen some spectacular scenery, eating some local food, seen towns and harbours, and have at least started to get a feel for the area.

Where do I go from here? I'm so close to Twillingate I feel I should head up there (and see Dildo Run Prov Park!), staying either at Dildo, back here in Lewisporte, or possibly Tera Nova National Park, 200 km East. Then I think on to St. John's and see if I can kiss the cod.

How about the return home? While part of me would love to ride the scoot back, and doing anything else feels a bit like giving up, I think I will fly back from St. John's. It would cost about $2000 less than riding back, and my Lady is making sounds that she misses me...(and I miss her and the West Coast and my own bed).

What do I do about the scoot? First I thought I would just sell it for whatever I could get for it, probably to a bike shop. But I've grown attached to the Old Girl, and I think I'd like to ship her back if it's not too expensive. I will look into that when I get to St. John's.

So, conclusion? Not yet ;)

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  1. haha. probably it worth for you to ship her back.. Lisheng