Thursday, 24 July 2014

Sun, 20 July 2014 - "Fogo, Twillingate, Moreton's Harbour, All around the circle!"

The thought of visiting the legendary towns from the song was too great, so I pointed my scoot North and headed up.

Here, finally, I found what I've always thought Newfoundland would be like. Quaint little fishing villages surrounding a rocky harbour, a little dock with half a dozen fishing boats moored, and directions from friendly folks that were completely

For instance, I asked a local biker at a gas station where I could get good lobster. After three attempts, I got that there was a cafe just up the road with a sign that said Lobster Something. I'm not sure if I ended up where he recommended, but this is where I ended up:
It did indeed have very delicious lobster-burgers and deep-fried squid. I ended up spending some time talking to the guy running the fishery next door, as well as some kayakers from North Carolina. A very enjoyable, relaxing time!

Then off to Twillingate:

And on up to Long Point Lighthouse:
Where I saw icebergs:
I had to think of the Far Side cartoon where the cries of the penguins on the berg and the crew on the ship were mingled together: "I-I-I-CE-BERG-SH-I-I-I-I-P!"

Then back down south, past dozens of rocky harbours:

The road was... well, we'll cal it "fun". It was quite a challenge to weave the bike around the miriad of "potholes", and I had to laugh out loud when, after dodging potholes for 30 kms I come across a sign that said "Danger-potholes". YA THINK???

But back down to what is locally known as the TCH, and on to Terra Nova National Park to spend the night.

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