Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Sun 29 June 2014

I arrived at my friend Marg's house and she and her husband Tom treated me like a long-loat friend (which I guess I was, since I hadn't seen them since High School). They took me in, gave me a roof over my head, nice comfy bed, and even fed me.

Good thing too, since it seemed I brought the worst rain in a long time along with me. Basements flooded, roads closed, crops ruined by flooding.... This is supposed to be a golf course:

Might be time to put away the golf clubs and break out the fishing rod...

Did I mention roads closed? Highway 1 was CLOSED. Highway 10 east to Yorkton was CLOSED. Dozens of other secondary highways were closed as well.

But there was a Sask Roughriders game on Sun, and the rabid Sask fans will NOT be deterred. There were three cars drowned in underpasses, the rain was pelting down, the wind was howling, but over 19,000 insane fans watched the Riders defeat the Hamilton Tigercats 31-10. How did I know this? Thanks to my gratious hosts, I was one of them!

By Monday the weather forecasts started to sound less ominous, and it looks like I might be able to ride if I pick my way through the maze of closed roads.

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